3 months ago

Videos Posting Update

When you Forget to tell everyone what to do with their Demo Videos

because you got like crazy obsessed with your new job and became like kind of a workaholic like Ben Affleck in Boiler Room and then your Mom was like Yo Chill it out already...



And on that subtle confession

We apologize here at UMSL Hack we have been busy getting jobs.  Doing finals.  Graduating and stuff.  As we are sure many of you have been doing as well.

That said we are excited to see what you have done.

Please send us your videos in…

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6 months ago

And the UMSL|Hack winners are...

The UMSL|Hack judges have weighed in, and the votes are tallied! Go to the UMSLHack v1: #startuplife gallery to congratulate the winners and check out all of the awesome submissions.

Even though the competition is over, you don't have to stop coding. Update your portfolio to inform your followers about new projects and get feedback from fellow hackers.


We're here to help. If you have any questions about the hackathon, email us at umslhack@gmail.com and we're glad to help!

-UMSL|Hack Committee

6 months ago

Public voting is now open

It's your turn to pick the Popular Choice award winner! Browse the UMSLHack v1: #startuplife submission gallery and vote for your favorite app. Be sure to spread the word via your social networks, too!


We're here to help. If you have any questions about the hackathon, post on the discussion forum or email support@devpost.com and we'll respond as soon as we can.

6 months ago

STATS 28 Hours to Go

UMSL|Hack stats:

Participants: 85 |

Mentors: 40 |

Judges: 15 |

Speakers: 4 |

Prizes: $15,000 |

Team Size: 4 to 6 |

Operating Expenses: $6,000 |

Cost to Participants: FREE! |

Event Duration: 48 hours |

T-shirts: 150 |

DJ: 1 |

Energy Drinks: 300+ |

Organizing Committee: 20 members |

Planning Time: 10 weeks idea to reality |

Cash Sponsors: Mastercard |

Crowdfunding: Goals achieved! |

Event Volunteers: Dozens |

Powered By: UMSL Accelerate |

Event Partner: LaunchCode |

When: Fri. Mar. 3rd @ 4pm to Sun. Mar. 5th @ 5pm |

Where: University of Missouri-Saint Louis North…

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6 months ago

2 Things Volunteers/ Hardware

First its obvious we can't count.  The Hack is TW0 Days away......

and a 1/2.....

Volunteers...we need you.

Its not the Hunger Games.  Its a Hackathon.  

If you have friends that can't commit to the whole weekend but think a hackathon sounds neat, or who just aren't cool with the competition we would love to have them come down for a few hours and help out.  We need people to help us set up, tear down, register people, direct people to places, and run and get stuff.  Your contribution would look something like below (bonnet is optional).…

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6 months ago

Tech Lesson 4 Work Spaces 4 Days to Go!

What should I Use?

We realize that some of you might be like neat yeah, but where do I start?  What should I use.  In class they use Netbeans but my friend who is another program uses Visual Studio and am I going to have to know Unix for this?

We have you covered.  You should have for sure 2-3 programs installed on your computer prior to Friday 4:00 PM.

  1. Git have a Github account- already covered that one!  Score!
  2. a good Text Editor
  3. maybe an IDE 

Which do I need?

Well that depends on what your making.  Using…

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6 months ago

Tech Lesson 3: A Little More on the Stack

The Stack

As if you didn't have enough on your plate/s with Mid-Terms...

So we realize we didn't cover any Python stacks Saturday and we feel pretty bad about this Launch Coders so we thought we would amend this today.


At the following link we found some great tutorials and practice apps on how to use python within the DJANGO framework.  Now there are other Python frameworks like Flask, Bottle, and Pyramid.  At the following site you can compare the frameworks for yourself but we recommend Django for a couple of the reasons listed and because the name is AWEOSME.  Unchain…

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6 months ago

Participation Guides Your Stater Kit

Participation Guides

Please go to the following link to see or download your participation guides.  They inlcude tons of great stuff you will need to know at the Hack

UMSL|Hack 2017 Participation Guide

  • Event Schedule
  • Event Maps
  • General Info- everything from registration, to meals, to venue access
  • All Things DevPost- how to register your team, and how to submit your project
  • Communication- even more about SLACK
  • Mentor Guidelines- what your pro mentors can expect and what you can expect from them
  • Judges' Criteria- this is what your apps will be graded on.  No guessing. Here it…

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6 months ago

6 Days and Still Counting .....Tech Lesson 2...THE STACK

What is a STACK?  And why do I care?


In the picture below you'll see a basic explanation of a technology stack.  Notice how we said a stack, not THE STACK.  There is no one stack.  Depending on what you are building you could have 3 different types of technology or 30.  The architecture of what is in use varies tremendously by what type of application you are creating and factors like the security needs, the level of skill in the organization, and even to what is cool right now and an organization can find developers for.  The…

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6 months ago

6 Days and Counting Participation Guides Coming Later Today Meanwhile SLACK Invites

IS YOUR FRIEND AT THIS EVENT  TODAY YOU SHOULD HAVE RECIEVED AN INVITE TO JOIN USMLHACK17.  JOIN NOW. IF you did not recieve an invite send us an e-mail at umslhack@gmail.com  Once the event begins we will only be providing help through slack and not checking our e-mail.  You will either use this or flag someone down.  Keep in mind until the event begins at Friday March 3rd 4:00 PM we will not be monitoring the #help channel on slack and you will need to address questions to umslhack@gmail.com.  Meanwhile if you have questions about how to use slack ask

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6 months ago

Less Than One Week To Go: T Minus 6 Days 19 hours 52 Minutes and Counting....

TECH PREP Lesson 1


“That is Totally Awesome…...what are we talking about again?...yeah, yeah...huh?”



You don’t want to feel like our friend above from Silicon Valley next weekend.  But don’t be intimidated either.  Technology is exponential, there are more versions and frameworks of js now than there are Avenger movies.  It’s no wonder no one can keep up.  Strive to be knowledgeable in areas and master a niche.  That said there are definitely some basics that will help you next weekend.  Preparing ahead of time as your school work, and life schedule allow can only help you…

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6 months ago

Information Systems Career Conference... Check out our 1st Info Session

******8 days counting *******

1st UMSL|Hack 2017 Info Session

Come find out more about UMSL|Hack 2017, what to expect, and some of the tools that will help you be successful.  No worries if you can't make it on short notice.  We will be covering this information again.  Be sure to keep checking the updates for helpful tips that can help you hack the hackathon!

Tomorrow Friday Feb 19th at the Information Systems Career Conference

USMLNorth Campus JC Penney Buidling 

Register on-line early at ISCC Registration

Two Identical UMSL| Hack Info Sessions

Session 1 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM


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6 months ago

We have Raspberry Pi 3 s for UMSL|Hack 2017 More Fun than a barrel of Mini Macs

We have Raspberry Pi 3 s.

At UMSL|Hack 2017 we have 3 as a matter of fact.

Your team could have the opportunity to use this hardware.  So even though you don't know the problem you are solving yet; if you want to start looking at how you can use these tiny, robust super stars to power your eventual solution feel free to start reading up now and enjoy learning about all the juicy, tarty smart details of the Raspberry Pi.

Happy Hacking everyone

We at UMSL|Hack would like to give a heartfelt thanks to Dr. Maurice Dawson for making

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6 months ago

Participation Guides

UMSL|Hack Updates

Participation Guides are coming soon.

However we want to make sure that we accomodate everyone's needs.  If you have specific dietary restrictions beyond being a vegetarian please shoot us an e-mail at usmlhack@gmail.com ASAP so we can make sure to get a menu worked out with you prior to the event.

Also we are on the lookout for volunteers and mentors.  If you know someone that is interested in participating in the event but is not interested in being on a team please forward them to our Volunteer Page at Volunteer/Mentor Sign-Up

We have several shifts available.


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